Friday, July 2, 2010

Where oh where have I been?

Oh bloggy buddies. I've been wanting to sit down and write to tell you about all of my adventures lately...but life has been so crazy!

In early June we did a lot of work on our veggie garden, lots of biking and hiking and having fun. The weekend of June 12th my best friend from high school married my best friend from college and I was a bridesmaid in the wedding. We went up to Manchester, NH for the bachelorette party on Thursday night, rehearsal dinner and party with the boys (my friends from college) at the hotel on Friday night, and wedding Saturday morning. Erin looked absolutely gorgeous. She was smiling, glowing, and radient all day, and I was so happy to see her so happy. I had a wonderful weekend with friends that I hadn't seen in months or even years.

The following weekend another of my best friends from high school and her husband came to visit. We showed them around Providence, grilled up some burgers for dinner, and spent a lot of Saturday night at Dave and Busters. They left the next morning and Geoff and I headed to a local lake for a couple of hours of swimming and sun.

Last weekend Geoff's cousin and her boyfriend came down to visit. They arrived Saturday morning and we went out to lunch before coming back to the apartment to relax for a good part of the day. We played several different card games and dominos, grilled up some chicken and hot dogs, then headed downtown for a beer and to catch the end of the Red Sox game before taking them to check out Waterfire.

Tonight we are heading up to Maine. We'll get there very late and crash at Geoff's mother's place because she's awesome and she loves us. Saturday we are going to a big party for a friend's 30th birthday. It starts at 1pm, there's a pool, a keg, and a bonfire, and we are all supposed to bring our tents to camp there for the night. Sunday we will probably visit Geoff's dad and I need to see my brother (the 21 year old Marine) who is home on leave as it's my last chance to see him before he gets deployed again. We come back to RI on Monday.

Erin and Patrick (the couple that got married and live in Texas now!) will be back up here this week and will be stopping by RI to see us on Tuesday, then I have another friend coming to visit us next weekend from Friday to Sunday.

Anyway, those are my excuses for not writing more. I do miss you all and hope you're doing well. I suppose I could be writing instead of watching marathons of The Hills on my Netflix player. (Oh my god I never watched that show, but I just got hooked and CAN'T. STOP. WATCHING. OHGODPLEASEHALP!!!).

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend. What are your plans?


Áine said...

WOW A very busy few weeks :) The pictures from the wedding are stunning :) I am particularly fond of black and white photos :) Especially wedding ones,they have an added glamour to them :)

Kristy @Loveandblasphemy said...

Oh, I love love love awful TV like the Hills as well. Our June was very busy as well. Glad you've been having a good time! As for today, when my son wakes from his nap we're going to break out the kiddie pool and BBQ! Woo hoo!

CLR said...

Great pictures Jen. Hope your Maine weekend was a blast!

Debbie said...

Love all the photos. Looks like you had such a great time!

kathryn said...

Yikes! Sounds like you are one busy it absolutely should be, sweetie!

You have a blast...enjoy your friends and fam...and write when you have time. We love hearing about your fun adventures and great parties!