Thursday, April 8, 2010

What do you want to know?

Ello, lovely (and handsome?) readers.

I have bravely decided to hand the reigns over to you. I know I've been a lazy, bloggy girl lately only sharing weekend updates and Friday Fill-In stuff. So I want to know...

What do you want to know???

Ask me anything, and I promise to answer you honestly. Come must have some questions. Right? I totally spend your down time wondering about me and my life.
Don't you?

Well don't you???

I thought so.

Ask away in the comments...the questions can be funny, serious, whatever your little heart desires.

(I'm scared.)


mo.stoneskin said...

Ok, well as this is my first visit.

What is your favourite wine? (label, grape, vintage)

Sami said...

Nothing wrong with being a lazy blogger sometimes! ;)

What is your FAVORITE piece of clothing? What about your favorite accessory?

Courtney said...

Hmm okay let's see.. I need to ask you something random and weird.. Okay: What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast that isn't considered a "breakfast food"?


Kristy @Loveandblasphemy said...

I also want to know what your favorite wine is!

CLR said...

Hmm, we got the wine thing going, how about

Most favorite leisurely thing to do?

Place you'd most like to visit?

Person you'd most like to meet?

What do you see yourself doing in 12 years?

If this is too many questions, feel free to choose one of none ;)

CLR said...

OR none.

kathryn said...


#1: Where would you want to live...if you could live ANYWHERE?

#2: What's your middle name and does it have any significance?

#3: What is the weirdest thing you ever ATE?

'Cause I've been wondering about these things for-eva....

Suzanne said...

I see I am totally unoriginal but I too want to know your favorite wine. I am hoping it is a fabulous red under $15. I currently enjoy Paul Newman's but I am looking for a change.