Monday, April 5, 2010


I had the most glorious weekend. I know it will probably sound like the same old same old to all of you, but I just felt so happy the whole time, Geoff and I felt blissful together, and the whole thing was just perfect.

Friday night we rented Julie & Julia (on the condition that next week we rent Ninja sigh) and I thought it was so cute! I mean it was by no means a wonderfully made movie or anything, but I really liked the story and it put me in a good mood before bed.

Saturday morning I slept in, then did Yoga while Geoff went to the library to get me Julie & Julia to read. Why did I send him? Well you might remember my little problem with "borrowing" books and movies from places. Long story short, I owe the library $14, that I swear I'll pay back some day...but for now I just have Geoff use his fee free card. STOP JUDGING ME! Anyway, I'm already halfway through the book and I really like it! It's very different from the movie, a quick fun read, and it makes me happy.

After my yoga session and Geoff's trip to the library we enjoyed a nice brunch (weekends we have breakfast between 11 and 12:30 so I guess it's considered brunch by then) while lying in the sun on the porch. It was SO WARM. Hot even! I had a tank top on and shorts and I didn't feel even the slightest chill. It was fabulous.

In the early afternoon we took Bandit up to the park and let him run around while we played some frisbee. I knew it had to be hot because our normally energetic and crazy dog spent his time rolling in the grass then lying still in a shady spot. I brought water for him but it didn't seem to give him any of his usual spunk...poor guy. After lunch Geoff and I grabbed our bikes and rode downtown. We took lots of back roads, stopped to check out a little carnival we saw, and rode along a river for a little while to check out the flood damage. It was crazy.

We ended up at a mexican place and split a pitcher of margaritas at a table outside. We walked our bikes for a little while after that before riding then it was early evening and the air was a teeny bit cooler and oh so refreshing as I sped along wind in my face. Amazing.

When we got home we fired up the grill for the first time this year (woohoo!) and enjoyed some burgers and asparagus for dinner. That night we did some more reading and relaxing and Geoff hit the hay early after our long bike ride.

Sunday morning was much like Saturday, but Geoff did yoga with me! He was better at it too...ass. My arms aren't very strong so anything that requires me to hold myself up that way is almost impossible for me at this point...but he did great at all of it. We had brunch on the porch in the sun again, and then headed to Home Depot for gardening supplies. We needed a shovel and seeds. Once we got home we spent almost 2 hours in the garden redigging the whole thing up plus more of the yard as we are going bigger this year. It was hard many rocks to pull out! Our plan is to have tomatoes, green beans and cucumbers again this year along with zucchini, onions, and peppers. We will have to wait until later this month to plant as New England weather is iffy this time of year.

We finished in the early evening and were dirty, sore, and tired. After a quick shower we were ready for our Easter dinner: a pot roast and veggies that I had tossed in the crock pot earlier. It was delish. After dinner I enjoyed some more sun on the porch with my book, then cleaned the had been pretty neglected this weekend. That night we enjoyed some chips and guacamole while listening to the Red Sox beat the Yankees on the radio.

It was all pure bliss. Thank you Geoffrey, for a perfect weekend.

How are all of you?


Zen Mama said...

I am so jealous of your weekend. It sounds picture perfect! Wanted to write you back to thank you for your recent comment. Sounds like we have something in common there. Isn't that why we all blog, to somehow touch something within someone else?

Thanks for sharing.

Sarah said...

Sounds like the ideal weekend. Hopefully this upcoming weekend will be more like yours!

Dreamfarm Girl said...

Sounds lovely! I just watched Julie & Julia too. Wasn't Meryl Streep fabulous! And weird, I have a colleague who went to high school with Julie. She said Amy Adams was way too cute and not quite bitchy enough to capture the real Julie. (just a little Hollywood gossip for ya!)

kathryn said...

Honey, you sound so incredibly happy....and that makes me so happy for you!

It sounds like a fabulous weekend...filled with all the wonderful things in life...good food, rest and relaxation...and a good book as well!

Sounds pretty darn perfect to me!

Sami said...

That really, really does sound like such a low-key, fun, wonderful weekend! And the part about the pitcher of margaritas? Yumm...

CLR said...

You do sound soo happy! I love to see it. Have a great week and you're almost half way to the next weekend!

Jen T said...

Zen Mama - Unfortunately, we do have something in common there. Thank you for blogging about was nice knowing that there are other people out there who understand.

Sarah - It was ideal...I hope this coming one is great for you too!

Dreamfarm Girl - Meryl Streep was fabulous! I just wanted to hug her! That's funny what your colleague said. The book gives a MUCH different impression of Julie than the movie did...she makes no bones about being a bitch.

Kathryn - It was perfect...thank you!

Sami - Oh yes...the margaritas were fab!

CLR - Thank you! I hope your weekends have been fun and happy too!