Friday, March 5, 2010


Today is one of my favorite people's birthday.

His name is Caleb. I first met him my junior year of college when he became roommates with another of my best friends and my ex. I liked him right away. He's one of those laid back, hippy-type guys and is one of the nicest people I know. He can always make me laugh. He's easy to talk to, and I find myself unintentionally being more honest with him than I am with most people in my life. He writes music and I love listening to him sing and play. He wrote a song for me once...part of it involved my love for made me smile.

One of my favorite memories of Caleb was when my ex, his roommate, broke up with me for someone else. I was so sad and really needed my friends to help cheer me up. I was also worried because I was still friends with his roommates and didn't want to stop hanging out with the great people I'd met in that dorm. Caleb would invite me over to watch My Name is Earl on his computer...I'd never seen it and would laugh so hard. Once when we were watching it we heard my ex and his new person come in...I think my face fell because the last thing I needed was to hear them laughing together. Caleb looked at me and slammed the door to his room shut and I laughed as I turned back to the show. For some reason that silly thing meant a lot to me and it makes me smile to think of it.

We also used to turn on some B-52s and dance like crazy with friends in the dorm. The group of us would flip between dancing and jumping like crazy and doing corny dance moves like the "shopping cart". Laughing and dancing and B-52s are some of my favorite things.

I have a lot of good memories of Caleb. I am so thankful that we're friends.

Basically what I'm saying is, Caleb is one kickass mother fucker. Also? When he's a famous musician I'll get to say I knew him when. Maybe I'll even score some free concert tickets...

Happy birthday, Caleb. I wish I could be there to celebrate with you, but you can be sure I'll be sitting in my apartment chugging red wine for you tonight. Ok, mostly for me, but some for you too.

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Dreamfarm Girl said...

A kind and thoughtful heart, a man with a soul, and fun and funny too. A man after my own heart. Wait! I married a man just like that : ) Happy bday to Caleb. And you are lucky to have him as your friend. Go for the backstage passes, too.