Monday, March 8, 2010

Basking in the Sun Always Puts Me in the Margarita Mood

I am in such a good mood today. Finally, the sun and warm weather (ok warm for March...low to mid-50s) have come to New England. Geoff, Bandit, and I had a wonderful weekend enjoying it.

On Saturday, I got up and made pumpkin bread for breakfast. I know that it is more of a fall/winter thing, but I had a craving, a can of pumpkin, and it is so easy to make. Geoff woke up around 11 and made coffee and we took our mugs and bread out to the porch to bask in the sun. We hadn't been out there since fall, and as my long time readers know, sitting on my porch in the sun with a coffee is one of my favorite things to do.

We chatted about our plans for the day and relaxed in the warmth before taking Bandit for a walk. We brought him over to a nearby cemetary where he can run free after squirrels and sticks. He enjoyed that...until I caught him eating another and had to hall him away. Dogs are pretty gross.

When we got back we took off for the mall. I have an event at work this week and needed to buy a nicer blazer and skirt. Geoff needed a new bike tire so after dropping me off at the mall he headed to a bike shop. I actually had a really good time trying on clothes...I so rarely go clothes shopping. I was very successful and got a skirt and blazer that look really cute...exciting! By then Geoff had dropped off his bike and walked the mile back to the mall to get me (he'd left the car up there). We walked back to pick up the bike and after we had it in the car we walked to a nearby restaurant for some margaritas to celebrate the warm weather. We ended up splitting a pitcher of them along with some chips and guacomole. Delicious and wonderful.

After the pitcher, we both had a pretty good buzz and had to walk it off before driving home. We walked back to the mall so I could try to find a top to go with my new suit. I was unsuccessful and so we walked back to the car. By then it was dark, but still was so nice walking around with no jackets. That night we watched Gran Torino (from the Red Box!) and made chicken fried rice for dinner.

Sunday morning went much like Saturday. We lazed on the porch reading with our coffees and pumpkin bread. When we were ready we leashed Bandit and walked down to Stop & Shop to return the movie and then took a walk on the bike path. It was so warm and sunny out again and I was in heaven. I couldn't stop smiling and just felt giddy from the Spring weather. By the time we got home it had been a couple of hours and about 4-5 miles and we were hungry again. We made eggs and toast, I read some more, and then we headed to Kohl's where I finally got a cheap top (hey, I'm poor) to go with my suit. When we got home I went back out to the porch with my book to enjoy the remainder of the day's sun. That night we enjoyed a mexican casserole and lounged around the living room. Great weekend:)

The sun is still shining and rumor has it that it plans to stick around for a couple more days. I couldn't be happier. :)

What did you do this weekend?


Meagan said...

It was rainy here! It has been for several weekends and I had serious cabin fever. I guess that's what I get for enjoying the sun when everyone else had snow!

CLR said...

Dogs are gross, but we all still love them!

Glad your weekend was awesome, ours was too. Jackie's birthday is coming so I went shopping for her... alone... such fun. 45 minutes later I was refreshed and I had a gift too.

Thanks for all the updates, glad you're back.

kathryn said...

I hear you...wasn't the weekend FABULOUS? I think we'll totally appreciate every beautiful day after this winter.

I say, "More! We wants lots more!!"

Courtney said...

Ah the weather on Sunday was GREAT. I was actually in Connecticut, so more over in that direction, everyone was outside, I was loving it. Then I drove back to Rochester and it started being poopier. Glad to hear you had a good weekend. Margarita moods are the BEST, greatest happy drink ever.

Debbie said...

Another great weekend. thanks for sharing. I want a margarita now.