Monday, February 1, 2010

Short. But spicy.

Geoff is feeling better!

This is good not only because I love him and don't want him to be sick, but because now I don't have to freeze my ass off walking the dog in subzero temperatures. You see, I love walking the dog...when it's warm out; when the wind doesn't whip through your clothes and sting your skin and make you wonder if your frozen body will be found in the street in the morning. It's Geoff's job to walk Bandit on winter nights. But being the loving, amazing, sweet, gorgeous...oh sorry...girlfriend that I am, I have been walking Bandit for every walk of the day during Geoff's cold serious illness.

Anywho, after a weekend hiding indoors beneath a blanket of tissues we are ready for a fun night out! We are heading to a local brewery for yummy beer and 30 cent wings (they have these nuclear wings that are painful, but oh so delish) after work tonight...can I get a hell yeah?


In my experience, beer and wings can always cure a case of the Mondays. How are you recovering from your Monday?


Unknown said...


I am a fair-weather walker too - thankfully my dog is old and doesn't care too much if he doesn't get out for a few days. Because I was struck with the same *serious illness* or maybe a cold... as Geoff. LOL

Anyway I'm glad he's feeling better and super glad you two are going for wings. I am using Monday as a day to get over the last few weeks... tomorrow it is back to work so I might have to grab some wings tonight, myself!

Sami said...

YES to WINGS!!! :)

Debbie said...

I also hate winter. but it sounds like you have a great plan. Wings and beer sound great to me right about now!

JenJen said...

Wings beer and a tanning bed.
I need my vitamin D.....!!

Allison said...


I am so jealous.

Courtney said...

This is exactly why I won't get a dog until I move somewhere that has livable temperatures! I'm glad he's feeling better, and glad you don't have to risk getting frozen :)

CLR said...

So glad he is better Jen!

Still recovering from Monday here..

Sarah said...

ooh...wings and beer sound sooo good right now!

kathryn said...


So glad Geoff is back amongst the living!

Enjoy your night out!