Monday, November 9, 2009

No Use Crying Over...Burritos?

I still have a cold and have been feeling rather crappy lately, so I don't have a whole lot to write about.

Geoff had a meeting for work Friday night and wasn't getting home until 9pm so I had to amuse myself after work and grocery shopping were done. I made myself some Kraft mac'n'cheese (I know, I know...but it's a guilty pleasure. I only ever buy or eat it when I'm feeling down and when I'm alone), changed into sweats, and decided to catch up on some of my Netflix movies.

I haven't watched a movie in quite awhile. We have a Netflix player and can download movies onto it...but I almost never watch them. In my weakened sick state, however, I managed to watch 4.5 movies from Friday night to Saturday night. Yeah.

Friday night I watched Seven Pounds. Holy depressing, Batman! I turned it off when Geoff got home. Once he arrived we snuggled on the couch for the night.

Once in bed, I could hardly sleep. My nose was runny, I was coughing a lot, nd I just felt miserable. I finally pulled myself out of bed at 7:30am. On Saturday morning. So not right. Geoff and Bandit stayed in bed snoring away and I hit the couch to finish the movie. After that I started watching Mad Money. It was cute, but far from great. A few minutes into it I couldn't stand the boredom of a quiet morning anymore and dragged Geoff and Bandit out of bed. It was after 10am by then anyway. Geoff made breakfast and tea while I snuggled back down on the couch to watch the movie.

Later that day Geoff went to get my tire changed finally. I have been driving around with the little donut on my car since my tire blew out on the way home from NH 3 weeks ago. I am the queen of procrastination after all, especially when it comes to car stuff. Oops! While he was gone I started watching Mr. Holland's Opus. Love that movie. I remember loving it as a kid too which is why I wanted to watch it again. The end always makes me cry. I was about halfway through with that when Geoff got from the tire place. Being as it was around 2pm I decided to shower and get us out into the beautiful fall weather that we were blessed with this weekend. I quickly showered and then got caught up watching the first half of Righteous Kill with Geoff before we ventured outside.

We headed to Providence where there was a Rock 'n' Roll Yard Sale going on. We weren't sure what to expect but the weather was nice and it sounded fun. Upon arriving at the building we found 'Gansett Girls selling beer, live music and DJs, and tons of people selling vintage records, clothes, and handmade everything. It was really neat! We browsed for about an hour before the insane crowdedness of it got to us. It was a very small space with lots of people and lots of tables. Still a good time though!

On the way to the car we stopped for burritos. Very yummy and a nice treat. Being as broke as we are we usually only have about $10-$20 worth of "fun money" for the two of us each week. These burritos were HUGE! While we were sitting down eating a woman ran over to us looking frantic.

Woman: (whiny voice...looked about to cry) "Do you have $6.99???? I ordered my burrito and I don't have my wallet and now I can't pay for it!"

Geoff: "Sorry, no"

Me: "We just used all of our cash on these."

Woman: (Sounding annoyed with us!) "Well do you have a credit card or something???"

We shook our heads. She sighed exasperated and went to another table. They told her the same thing and she KICKED MY CHAIR then ran out into the streets. I was apalled. What the hell lady???

She came back about 5 minutes later with a guy. I guess she had been out on the street begging for burrito money and this guy was nice enough to come pay for her. I felt a little bad for her at first but seriously who cries over a burrito? And who asks pissed off when complete strangers won't pay for your food?

Anyway, we headed back home where we finished watching Mr. Holland's Opus and then watched Out Cold.

I actually got a good amount of sleep that night and we spent the first half of Sunday lounging on OUR PORCH IN THE SUN!!! Finally! A day warm enough to go sans sweatshirt and get some rays. I love reading in the sun:)

We spent the rest of the day watching football, eating chips and guac, and enjoying the fall season. I pretty much did not move from the couch once I sat down. I'm still nursing this cold, but am hopeful that it will go away soon. I hope I get an energy boost in the next day or two because the apartment is a mess!

How was your weekend?


Unknown said...

LOL no use crying over burritos indeed! People who expect the world to pick up the slack for them ought to shampoo my crotch! (not really... just my fave line from As Good As It Gets ;o))

Sounds like you had a fantastic weekend! I did lots of relaxing too. I didn't watch any movies but I did get a chance to take some pictures, read some books, catch up on some rest... oh yeah and inadvertently gave a stranger the full monty view of me in the middle of the night. (read the full moon post. lol)

Other than the poor guy on my porch, it was a pretty standard weekend. I managed to avoid coming to the office except for three hours yesterday morning so that was a huge bonus!

Hope you're having an awesome Monday!

Meg said...

haha, she kicked your chair? That is kind of hilarious, and very sad for her. Who does that?? How good were those burritoes?
my weekend also basically consisted of sitting outside and reading in the sun...I started reading David Sedaris and I couldn't stop!

Boots the Awesome said...

Wow, that woman was a ho-bag. End of story. :)

kathryn said...

Wow....what a strange, rude, freaky lady.

Who does that? Who begs for food and then gets mad when you don't give her your VISA to pay for it?

I mean, seriously.

CLR said...

Hope you're feeling better tomorrow Jen!

Jen T said...

Picture - I need to catch up on your blog! I can't see the pics from my work computer so I will catch up at home this weekend! I always love your comments by the way:)

Meg - David Sedaris is awesome! I read one of his books this past winter and then had to read three more before I had had enough!

Boots - So true.

Kathryn - I know, right? I couldn't believe it when she asked for a credit card and acted mad at us! Crazy lady.

Christie - Thanks! Still can't get rid of this cough though!