Thursday, October 15, 2009

Beautiful Girls

This weekend we are supposed to go to New Hampshire to visit Geoff's brother (B) and nieces (R & M). These girls are SO CUTE. I will post pics after this weekend as the most recent ones I have are at a birthday party and their mouths are full of pizza.

R just turned 4 this past Monday and M turned 2 last month. I love these girls to pieces and wish I could see them more often. We see them about once every two months, sometimes less often. At this age so much changes so quickly. Apparently M is quite the chatterbox now where as before she never said a word. Probably because her older sister did all the talking anyone could handle, haha.

The original plan was that we would leave Friday night and come back Sunday evening. Geoff talked to his brother yesterday and now the plans are more up in the air. B just brought the girls to his ex-wife (the whore-sorry, can't help but add that everytime I mention her) and won't have them back until Saturday afternoon. Now he might come down to RI Friday afternoon and go to Gillette Stadium with Geoff. Then he might stay for dinner? He might stay the night? We might leave Friday or we might leave Saturday? This drives me crazy. After their phone conversation I asked Geoff what the plan was. "I dunno," he said.

"Well, is he coming for dinner Friday?"

"I dunno."

"Are we leaving Friday or Saturday?"

"I don't know! Who cares??? Why are you freaking out???"

"I'm not freaking out. I'm just wondering what the plan is." Sheesh.

I really hate that. It's not the end of the world I know (and I AM NOT FREAKING OUT), but I like to know what to expect. If we're not leaving until Saturday, I won't start packing tonight. If B's coming over for dinner tomorrow, I want to plan something nicer than the spaghetti I originally planned. If he's staying over Friday night, I need to wash the guest bedding and make sure there are enough clean towels and yummy breakfast food. If none of these things are happening I'd rather not do extra chores. Geoff is a very fly by the seat of his pants type of guy...I'm more of a planner. When we have guests I like them to feel special and comfortable...not like we weren't expecting anyone. Also, I hate being told I'm freaking out. I swear I asked very calmly and nicely. Sigh.

But! I do know that I'll be seeing the cutest girls in the world! Ok, here is a pic of R at dance class. I'll post one of the two of them after this weekend.


Courtney said...

I'm a planner too.. sometimes I wish I wasn't, I drive myself crazy, you probably find yourself wishing the same thing! But wow cute pic, I want to be a ballerina :)

Unknown said...

What a cutie patootie!

I am frustrated on your behalf. In fact, I think I had a (minor) freakout so you don't have to.

If I am not expected to host, cook, or really *do* anything, I am perfectly OK with a 'fly by the seat of your pants' kind of arrangement. However... the second that there is any possibility of me having to do stuff... I need to know what and when. If I can't know those things in advance, too bad, guess you don't need me that bad afterall.

;o) So there you have it. Tell Geoff if he wants to see freakout, view PI's post.

KT said...

I'm not a planner, planner, but I do NEED to know if I have to host. I clean, prepare, cook if anyone is coming. Oh and if it's my mom, I am elbow deep in comet cleaning the entire house for a week. Unfortunately she likes to surprise me too much, so she fins the house how it normally is: a mess. =P

Unknown said...

Oh I hate plans that are left so up in the air. Occasionally I like to be spontaneous, but when I'm trying to plan a meal, go out of town, etc., I need to know, like two months in advance. And I still always overpack anyway :) Hope you have a wonderful weekend. She's adorable. Ballerinas are the best, just don't get her near a pole...ever.

Monique said...

Love B and R and M and Geoff and you. You guys are some of my favorite people. :)

& I understand the need to plan. I am a planner too!

I also wish I could see B & R & M and you and Geoff. I haven't seen any of you in ages. :(

Sami said...

I had an ex-boyfriend that didn't plan anything until it had already happened. Seriously, it was that bad! Drove me absolutely bonkers!!

Love the ballerina pics! What a little sweetie :)

kathryn said...

OMG! She's soooo cute! No wonder you're in love...I can see her sparkling personality right thru the photo!
MEN. Do you think for one second he's thought of half the things you've just mentioned?
I guarantee NOT.


Meg said...

i know what you mean about being a planner, I'm like that too. It just makes things easier! And also, that child is adorable!!

Jen T said...

Courtney - Yes, I so wish I could be more laid back and go with the flow. Alas, I am a stress case...I mean planner.

Picture Imperfect - Haha, thanks for backing me up! I feel the same way. I can be laid back and not care if I'm not expected to do anything. But otherwise? I need notice! Boys just don't get it.

book*addict - That's my biggest thing. When people are coming over I want to know days ahead of time so I can plan a meal and clean, clean, clean!

*uncorked - Haha, you crack me up. No way are we letting her near a pole!

Monique - I know! Luckily the holidays are right around the corner so I'm sure we'll see you soon!

Sami - I know, it drives me crazy! Usually we can meet somewhere in the middle but sometimes...grrr.

Kathryn - Isn't she so adorable! Pictures just don't do these girls justice...they have the best little personalities! He definitely did not think of any of those reasons until I spouted them off to him, to which he replied "Who cares about that stuff?" Seriously, MEN.

Meg - Thanks:) It definitely makes things easier when I'm not stressing about what might happen at the last minute. I like to be prepared!