Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Simply Fabulous

What a great week! I'm honored to say that the wonderful woman over at f8hasit has presented me with an award! I love her blog, she's funny and anyone can relate to her posts. Thank you!

Isn't it great?

The rules for this award are that I have to list my 5 biggest obsessions and then pass the award onto 5 other fabulous bloggers. Here goes nothing!

I can't say that these are actually my BIGGEST obsessions...but they're the ones I can think of right now...

1. Wine and Margaritas: I'm sorry, but nothing tops of a long day or revs up a good night like a glass of red wine or a perfect margarita. Love these things.

2. Muffins: Yummmmmm. I love muffins...pumpkin, coffee cake, chocolate chip...mmmm. Especially this time of year!

3. Cuddling: I know, gag, right? Can't help it...I love to cuddle. Whether it's snuggling in Geoff's arms at the end of the day, experiencing the joy of my dog curled up in my lap, or even just leaning my head on a girlfriend I love to cuddle. It makes me feel good, ok??

4. Talking politics, global issues, etc. I keep this stuff out of my blog so as not to offend anyone...but I'm opinionated and love to debate. I was a Political Science major in college and am a real "bleeding heart" as they say...these discussions get me going...and it's hard to stop once I start!

5. Water and mountains: I know that's technically two but I don't care. Hiking mountains, laying on the beach at the ocean, kayaking a river, swimming in a lake...all of these things make me feel at one with nature and are an instant stress relief.

Now onto the awards ceremony!

1. Boots at You Think it's EASY Being This Awesome? Go read her. Right now. She's so funny and inspiring. This girl just moved from Maine to London all by herself to start an amazing journey towards her Masters degree. I love her stories, she cracks me up.

2. Kathryn at From the Inside...Out. I can't explain to you how funny Kathryn is, so you will just need to go find out for yourself. She was recently a Blog of Note and totally deserves it...she's completely fabulous.

3. Courtney at Sticky Lipgloss. We pretty much don't agree on anything except that people are ridiculous, but I love the way she "funnies up" her opinions anyway.

4. Jules at Night Notes on Napkins. Great writing. You don't want to miss Haiku Monday or the latest Night Notes!

5. Lisa at smacksy. I very recently started reading her and am so glad I did. The stories she tells about her son are so funny...a recent favorite is a post she wrote about two nannies at the playground. Go see!

That should do it! Congrats deserve it!


f8hasit said...

YOU are welcome!
(and thanks, by the way, for all the nice things you said about me! *blush* See kids how far a finski will go?!)

You deserve the award. Nuf' said.
Now I'm off to check out the ones you nominated!

And yeah, I like to cuddling too. It's totally up there on the top 10.

kathryn said...

Awwww! Thanks so much for this lovely honor! It's so sweet of you to think of me. I accept it with much appreciation!
Of course, Nancy has impeccable taste and knows a great blog when she sees (reads) one. I totally enjoy being here.
Congrats to everyone you've nominated...and SUPER congrats to YOU!

Sami said...

Mmm, muffins AND wine... yum yum! :) I am loving pumpkin muffins right now, tis the season for sure!

Lisa Page Rosenberg said...

Thanks so much for the Fabulous shout out! I don't believe I have been referred to as "fabulous" since that time I went to Drag Queen Bingo - and I love it.

Jen T said...

f8hasit - Cuddling is the best!

Kathryn - You deserve it! Thanks for all of the compliments:)

Sami - I know! I love pumpkin everything right now, haha.

Lisa - Drag...Queen...Bingo? Did you post about this and I missed it? Love it.