Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pin the Pfft! on the Old Fart and other Maine Tales

I have to say I wish I was still in Maine. Every time we go back for a visit it gets harder and harder to make myself come back to Rhode Island. Almost all of our friends and family are back home and everything is so familiar. Geoff would be fine with moving around forever...but I miss my Maine.

We arrived in Portland around 10:30 Friday night and enjoyed snacks and laughs with Geoff's mom. I ate WAY too many cookies, but I didn't really regret it.

Saturday we lounged around the condo until it was time to go to the party at 5pm. I was so excited! There were about 20 of us there and we had a blast. The food was amazing...homemade guacamole, buffalo chicken nacho dip, cupcakes, homemade carrot cake with real vanilla beans, etc. Awesome. When we arrived one of the birthday girls was well on her way to being drunk which was pretty funny. We laughed, talked, drank (a lot!), sang, had a dance party in the kitchen, and played Pin the Pfft! on the Old Fart. There was a picture of our friend who was turning 30 as a face of an old man, and you had to pin the Pfft! on him in the correct area, haha.

We ended the night with 10 (or more?) rousing rounds of Flip Cup. It was so great seeing everyone and I didn't want to leave.
Needless to say, Sunday morning was painful. I made it from the guest room to the couch, and then didn't move for a few hours. I couldn't sleep, but I couldn't move either. Ouch. Geoff and I watched the first round of football games from there and then went to a friend's house for the Pat's game. We stopped at the place where the party was to get our car and all three of our friends who lived there were in their jammies on the couch at 4pm, haha. I guess we were all feeling the same way. Then we headed to another friend's house for the game. The Pats lost and so did the Red Sox, so overall it was a sad day in New England sports.

That night my friend Caleb stopped by for a visit. It was great to see him (I think it had been over 6 months?) and we had fun just chatting and catching up.

Monday I met my mom for lunch and we had a nice chat. It was good to see her even though she only had a half-hour lunch break. That afternoon Geoff and I took Bandit to the dog park in Portland. It's HUGE and so beautiful. Acres and acres of open field (fenced from the road) for him to just run free. There aren't really any dog parks in RI that we've found, so it was nice to go back to this place. Bandit loves it there. We arrived back in RI around 9:30 last night. Sad:( I'll be headed up again for Thanksgiving though...only 5 more weeks!

On a side note, remember that crazy girl I told you about that was at the wedding last month? Well a bunch of the girls and I had a little gossip fest at the party. Oh my gosh you guys, she's worse than I thought! For the sake of this conversation we'll call her A. Apparently the first time everyone met A was when the girl who's boyfriend she stole took her out to the bars in Portland with a bunch of our friends (obviously this was before she realized that A was sleeping with her boyfriend). On the way out of the bar, A grabbed every single guy's...ummm...package while walking to the door. This includes guys in the group (who almost all have wives/girlfriends) and strangers that were at the bar. WHO DOES THAT??? Also, she was married at the time. Yeah.

All in all it was a fantastic weekend and I can't wait to go back again. How did you spend your long weekend?


Debbie said...

You have some great weekends to report! I'm jealous. :)

jules said...

Getting roudy with friends! Sounds like a fantastic time. Also, I love that you ate "too many cookies" and didnt regret it! Thats what weekends are for. Over indulging!

Unknown said...

Sounds like a great time! I'm happy you had such fun and I'm happy I got to read about it on your Lovely Blog!

Speaking of which... I have an award for you at my blog. :o) Stop by and pick it up whenever you have some time. No rush!

thanks for blogging; I like reading you!

Jen T said...

Debbie - Haha, I just put the interesting bits here...I actually lead a very boring life!

jules - Absolutely! And really, when you think about it, is there even such a thing as too many cookies? :)

Picture Imperfect - Thank you so much! Not just for the award, but for the nice things you've said. It means a lot to me!

Unknown said...

You're most welcome for all of the above. I hope the award gave you the same happy feeling it gave me.

Have a wonderful day!


kathryn said...

Your weekend was WAY more eventful than mine! No women grabbing mens crotches, or anything :0(


Apple picked. Plan on making applesauce and pie....meanwhile, it's Thursday and their still sitting in the bag on the counter.

well, there's always this weekend!

Jen T said...

Picture Imperfect - Thanks again! I will do a post about it very soon:)

Kathryn - Yay, apple picking! Haha, let us know if you do bake anything!