Monday, October 5, 2009

Lazy Days

I had another very lazy weekend. I'm forgiving myself for it as the next two weekends (at least) will be very busy and crazy. I was worried that a couple of lazy weekends in a row would lead to a little antsyness and depression from not being productive...but it was actually nice! Friday night I had planned on being alone until 9pm as Geoff had a meeting scheduled for after work. He called at 6pm to say the meeting was cancelled and he was on his way home! We made a pizza, enjoyed some Gritty's Halloween Ale that I had found at a local liquor store, and watched some old episodes of Lost. I think I fell asleep on the couch around 9:30, haha.

Saturday I woke up and made pumpkin muffins and coffee then went back to bed with both and woke up Geoff. We laid there for quite awhile eating, drinking, reading, and snuggling...perfect for a rainy day. Later I made pumpkin whoopie pies (delicious!) and then probably didn't move from the couch for a few hours. That night we went to the pool hall down the street for some beers, calamari, and pool...this is our standby thing to do as it is about 2 minutes down the road and pool is fun! When we got home we went upstairs and hung out with our neighbors for a little while before finally going to bed.

Sunday morning was pretty much a repeat of Saturday morning. I grabbed us some pumpkin muffins from the kitchen, Geoff made coffee and we met up again in bed to eat and read. When we finally got up around noon Geoff made eggs and toast and then settled in on the couch for a day of football. The Patriots were great! It was a little stressful at the end, but Brady seems to be shaking off the rust and our defense really picked it up. I think the season will only get better from here.

It was a beautiful day with sunny skies, 70 degree weather, and colorful leaves everywhere. It was nice to have the door and windows open again! I made chop suey for dinner and then we enjoyed the Sunday night game upstairs with the neighbors. We'll be back up there tonight for the Monday night game as well...yay football!

What did you do this weekend? Anyone else baking yummy fall treats?


Meagan said...

sound like an amazing weekend to me! no fall treats but i did make french breakfast muffins. watching football all cuddled up in a blanket (finally cooled down in so cal) made me want to light a pumpkin candle!

f8hasit said...

What did I do this weekend...?

I made a blog post where I gave YOU an award!

C'mon by!

jules said...

That sounds like an amazing weekend. Lazy ones are sometimes the best! I made banana bread for the first time!

kathryn said...

Oh, it sounds like a heavenly weekend! I'm assuming this was before Geoff got sick? I hope you don't catch it, sweetie!
Spray him down w/that Lysol!!!

Debbie said...

I wouldn't worry about your weekend, it sounded amazing to me. I want those pumpkin muffins! I haven't done much baking yet, but I made pumpkin creme brulee for family last weekend. They turned out great, but then again, I like just about anything pumpkin.

Courtney said...

I'm very jealous of your weekends everytime you blog about them.. I will trade you a nice relaxing Saturday of friends and drinking and food for my hectic ass any day full of meeting illustration deadlines and mini freakouts over having no time for beer. :)

Jen T said...

Meagan - Who those sound delicious! I love muffins. And pumpkin fav!

f8hasit - Yay! I'll come by today to check it out, thanks!

jules - I need to try a bread sometime soon...isn't fall baking the best?

Kathryn - It was before he got sick...he's getting better now thank much. whining!

Debbie - Oooo, that sounds great! I love anything pumpkin too. Except ice cream. I tried that once and it ended badly.

Courtney - I used to have weekends like that...awful. This is good for now until I decide to get busy again!