Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Kid's Bringing Home the Bacon...err...Turkey

I called my mom's house to talk to my 14 year old brother, Grady last night.

*Ring Ring*

(extremely deep voice) "Hello?"

"Hey, how are ya?"


"That's good. What's new?"


*Roll my eyes at the total lack of verbal skills held by teenage boys*

"Mom told me you had a hunting story to share..."

"Oh. I got a turkey."

"You killed a turkey??? Wow! What's the story?"


"There's always a story...come on!"

*He lets out a deep sigh*

"Dad and I went hunting for turkey's on opening day and had given up because we didn't see anything. Then we stopped the truck at this clearing just to walk around and take one more chance. As soon as we walked out there we saw three turkey heads look up. Then they started to run. I chased after them down this hill and shot the slowest one just before it got into the bushes behind the others."

"WOW!!! That's awesome!!! What did Dad do?"

"He laughed and thought it was cool."

"Cool. How big was it?"

"14 pounds."

"Holy crap, that's big!!!"


"Did you eat it?"

"No we're saving it."

"For Thanksgiving?"


"Sweet! Can't wait! Who's cooking it?"

"Probably Mom."


So I'll be eating the turkey my brother chased down and shot for Thanksgiving. As long as Mom doesn't screw it up anyway. (Mom, if you're reading this I'm just kidding. Kind of.)

My brothers and father love hunting...mostly for deer, sometimes for birds. Usually with a bow and arrow so it's more of a sport, sometimes with a rifle. I could never do it myself, but I'll happily eat what they bring home (mmm...venison). Do you have any crazy, red neck hunters in your family?


Áine said...

As far as I know,there's no crazy,red kneck hunters' in my family,unless spider hunters count lol *I'm joking :)*
Great post by the way,it's too true about the teenage guys.

Unknown said...

LOL this story is awesome!

My dad is a crazy redneck hunter! I guess I wouldn't call him crazy but for *sure* a redneck.

He is also a trapper and when he's on the trapline... ok yeah maybe a bit crazy. LOL!

It's ok though I love him for it. After all, *I* am a crazy redneck fisherwoman so who am I to judge???

Great post, I giggled all the way through your chat with your brother. I could just picture him rolling his eyes, and sighing at you!

Meagan said...

For some reason my dad has a problem with the squirrels on his property. There are too many of them or something. He has an air rifle he shoots them with. Always charming to be sharing a nice breakfast with your family and see a squirrel out the window. Dad goes and grabs the air rifle and knocks the little guy out of the tree!

CLR said...

So, Colby had the itch to go hunting when Jake was in Iraq last year.. I wasn't going to take him because:

1. I was pregnant
2. I'm his mom and I've only recently gotten used to killing ants.

So, he took his gun and shot a squirrel and then skinned the thing on the side of the house. Gross. When we moved to CA he wanted to bring it with him. I told him no. Guess what I found when we were unpacking....

At least it didn't stink.

Unknown said...

Great story! I am not a hunter, but I do love to go shooting.

Kate Coveny Hood said...

This sounds a little bit like phone conversations I have with my brother. P.S. He's 35.

Debbie said...

How cool! BTW, that lack of conversation thing doesn't change in males much. My brother is 25 and our conversations are about the same.

kathryn said...

Okay....but whose job is it to clean the critter out?

I like the kind that has it's innards already removed, or neatly secured in a non-see-through bag so I can throw it away whilst saying "Ewwwwwwwww."

JD at I Do Things said...

My brother-in-law loves to hunt AND make his own sausage, so we're always getting venison or deer sausage . . . and throwing it out as soon as we get home.

Jen T said...

Smileyfreak - Thanks for the comment! And ew...spiders.

Picture Imperfect - My dad and brothers are also fishermen. I used to fish with my dad until about age 7 when my younger brother through my orange Snoopy pole into the lake and we couldn't get it back. That was the end of the fishing life for me.

Meagan - Hahaha! The thought of the family breakfast dad with his air rifle cracked me up!

Christie - Too funny. Those boys and their hunting! My brothers used to have squirrel tails around the house. Gross.

*uncorked - I used to go shooting at targets with a bow and arrow with them, but not so much with the guns.

Kate - Yeah, I don't see my brothers getting more talkative. They're like my dad. That's ok though...more talking for me!

Debbie - My 20 year old brother is the same as is our 51 year old father...pretty sure men and conversation don't mix too much.

Kathryn - The boys clean gross. I remember walking in one plenty of deer cleaning sessions...blah.

JD - Aww, but so delicious!

Unknown said...

Oh no! Not the snoopy pole!

Well I'd say you would have been justified in throwing the little puke er... I mean your brother into the lake AFTER the orange snoopy rod. That is just not cool.

Hope you're having an awesome weekend!

Jen T said...

Picture Imperfect - I know! It was devastating. Obviously I am scarred for life as I can still remember peering over the side of the boat watching the pole sink to the bottom. Tears.

Anonymous said...

I have never had the guts to try Deer - the whole Bambi thing doesn't gross me out or anything, but I'm just picky.

I think it's pretty cool that your brother caught his own Thanksgiving Turkey!

Unknown said...

Oh... that's so sad! I can just picture it.

I hope you pounded him. LOL!

Jen T said...

vinomom - It is pretty cool! I know he's happy about it. Try deer. I am really picky too, but it's the most tender, tasty meat I've ever had.