Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday Fill-Ins - Maine Bound!

1. Sweet dreams are hard to come by; my dreams are usually cah-razy.

2. When I was younger my dad built a room designed especially for me.

3. Silliness is part of what makes life so grand! I love acting crazy with my friends.

4. I'm a little bummed that we don't really have any plans for this Halloween.

5. Outstanding or not President Obama did not deserve to with the Nobel Peace Prize...not yet anyway.

6. A stress/anxiety free mind is what I want right now! Also some new clothes...

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to leaving for Maine, tomorrow my plans include hanging out with family, then going to a birthday bash for friends and Sunday, I want to kick back and watch football with them!

Tonight, Geoff and I leave for a 3-day weekend in Maine. I am so excited for this weekend, and have been looking forward to it every since we came back from our last trip there in September. It's so great when we get to see our family and friends since we don't really have anyone down here. Saturday night is a party for three of our friends who have birthdays this month. There will be grilling, beer, and plenty o' wine. I probably won't post again until Monday, but I will miss you all until then!

What are your plans?


Jen said...

What's a trip to Maine w/o lobster? Or do they not have the lobster where you're going? But yeah....while I read this, I was like 'Now's when she'll mention Now? Nope." lol. But yeah....happy trails! (and lobster tails? Unless you're allergic lol)

kathryn said...

Hope you're having a rip-roaring good time! (Something tells me you ARE) Do lots of lovin, laughing and toasting...that's what it's all about, bay-bee!
We'll be here when you land!

Debbie said...

Hope you had a fun weekend. Looking forward to hearing all about it.

Meg said...

i hope you had a good time in Maine! I spent my thanksgiving weekend in western new york in the pretty.
i have to agree with you about Obama...I enjoy him so much more than our prime minister, but when I heard about the Nobel Peace Prize, I was quite perplexed.

Jen T said...

Jen - Lobster is more of a summer thing, I'm afraid. I did enjoy some during my August trip up north!

Kathryn - I did have a good time! I wish I was still up there!

Debbie - Thank you, I'm posting soon!

Meg - I had a great time, thank you. It was definitely beautiful up there.