Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Fill-Ins - Chili, Family, and New England Weather

1. So are we going to New Hampsire? Probably.

2. My 25th birthday and Thanksgiving is (are) what's up ahead.

3. I love to read while relaxing in the sun or on my couch, spend time with friends laughing and having a good time, go out with Geoffrey for drinks and fun!.

4. I really need to get a second job of some sort.

5. I walk a lot during the summer and almost never during the cold weather. Sorry Geoff and Bandit, looks like you're on your own!

6. Laughter (or wine?) is the true elixir of life!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to eating the chili that's at home cooking in the crockpot and seeing B, tomorrow my plans include driving to NH to see the nieces and Sunday, I want to watch football and eat leftover chili!

I had to take matters into my own hands yesterday and basically force the plans on Geoff and B. I texted B and said "I'm stopping for chili ingredients on the way home, you're coming over for dinner tomorrow and staying the night". Later I made Geoff call him and now it's all set. We tossed together the chili ingredients last night and this morning I put them in the crockpot before leaving for work. Mmmm...I've been thinking about it all day! B and Geoff are at Gillette Stadium visiting the Patriots Hall of Fame and then Geoff is going to work until 6pm. B will be at the apartment when I get home and I will bake his birthday cake before going to pick up Geoff. Then we can all eat chili (yum!), relax, and enjoy the evening. Tomorrow we'll drive up to his place in NH and see the girls. Very exciting!

This has been a cold week in New England. Today it even snowed a little...WTH? It's much to early for this. Much. Too. Early. I finally cracked yesterday and turned the heat on. Our goal was to make it to November 1st like last year, but too many days in a row of below 60 degrees in the apartment was getting to me. It's not as bad at night when I can throw on several layers and a blanket while watching tv, but I was tired of literally shivering while getting ready for work in the morning. So, for two days in a row the heat goes on to 68 when I get out of bed and I shut it off when I leave. I'm a little disappointed in myself, but I hate being cold!

How is everything going for all of you? Any plans for the weekend? How's the weather where you are? (Anyone who is living in a part of the country where it's sunny and warm need not reply...just kidding...kinda).


Unknown said...

Can I come live with you? Of course I mean that in a non-creepy non-stalkerish sort of way.

But chili and cold weather and leaves turning color sound so much fun.

Of course once you get snow I am so coming home.

Sami said...

My mom called today from Massachusetts to announce the snow.. I was like, whaaaaaat?? Even though it's not much, still, SNOW!!

Enjoy your weekend!

KT said...

I have nothing planned for the weekend, which is typical. I wish I had stuff planned, but everyone I know always does things on their own. And a lot of them are too lazy to deal with me and my almost 2 yr-old daughter. =(
Chili and a nice SNUGGIE (jajaja) sound delicious.
The weather here is....well, i just won't mention it. Have a good weekend. =)

CLR said...

We're going hiking on the pacific coast this morning.. a reserve called Point Lobos. It should be fun. The weather is perfect here right now. I mean 60's everyday and 50's at night. So much better than sticky North Carolina.

The chili sounds great! We're having Daube Provencal for dinner tonight over egg noodles. I have no idea what that means but I think it's like a beef stew. The recipe is in the current Cook's Illustrated..

BTW, when is your birthday Jen??

Debbie said...

You lasted longer than we did with turning on the heat. I'm in Northeast Ohio, brrrr! lately. October is my favorite month, but when you can wear jeans and a sweater, not a winter coat!

Jen T said...

Zoe Right - Come on over! The more the merrier when there is chili involved! Just bring wine.

Sami - It snowed a lot on Sunday in MA! Crazy!

book*addict - Hope you had a good weekend anyway! And the chili was delicious:)

Christie - I love hiking! I hope you had fun. You should post the recipe on your blog:) And my birthday is November 28th.

Debbie - I can't believe the weather this year! Last year it was sunny and warm in October...not so much this year!

Meagan said...

Ok now I feel bad. I turned the heater to 76 today cause I was cold at 74. I'm going to try and be strong like you!

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