Monday, October 26, 2009

Fall Weekends = Friends, No Pants, and Google Sucks

Today is one of those beautiful autumn days that I love. Sunny, temps in the 60s, and beautiful foliage everywhere. Yesterday was like this too...wonderful.

I had a pretty nice weekend. Friday night we went to a dinner party with people that Geoff works with. His friend Peter was the host and had everyone over for chicken, pork, potatoes, salad, rice, and drinks. Peter and Geoff weren't very excited about the whole thing as most of the people they work with at the YMCA school program are girls ages 18-22ish, but the girls had asked them to do this. It was a little strange hanging out with a group of college girls...I felt so old! Especially the 18/19 year olds. They were all so loud and crazy...cute and nice...but wow. Two of them weren't wearing any pants. That's right. No pants. You know how right now the "in" look is an oversized shirt or mini dress with leggings or tights?

Well one of them kind of did it right and wore sheer gray tights with her big shirt or mini dress (not sure which it was). The other? No tights. No leggings. Just what looked like an extra large, baggy, sequinny, tank top and nothing else. I happened to be sitting next to her in the living room and saw her ass several times as she reached toward the table for chips. She was a cute little thing...but oh my god honey...wear pants! The evening got a little nicer once everyone left and it was just Peter, Geoff, and I hanging out and chatting.

Saturday we slept in pretty late and had coffee and breakfast in bed. We ran a couple of errands and then I baked a yummy pumpkin pie ( favorite!) for a dinner we were going to that night. A guy we went to college with just moved to RI and we are SO EXCITED to have someone we know living here! It will be nice to not have to drive all the way to Maine just for a social life. Anyway, they live about 30 minutes from us in an hour we have yet to visit. I printed directions from Google Maps and we headed out into the dark, rainy night. What should have taken us 30 minutes took us over an hour and a half. The directions I got were oh so wrong. We drove by the correct road about 10 times. Not only was it dark, raining, and hard to see, but the directions had led us to believe that the road we were looking for was on the opposite side of the road than it actually was and that it was called something completely different. The hell Google? I don't remember doing anything to you! Asshole.

By the time we finally arrived I was upset, carsick, and HUNGRY. We had a nice time though. The guy and his girlfriend had made chicken with cranberries, broccoli, acorn squash and rice and had beer on hand. I was pleasently surprised by the squash. I strongly dislike most squash but had never tried that kind good! Geoff was happy that we'd be able to incorporate this into future meals.

We sat around their kitchen chatting for hours about life since college. They had moved from Maine to Utah and lived there for a year before running for their lives back to the east coast. Sounds like an interesting place with a cool outdoors scene at least. We'll hopefully be seeing them again soon.

Sunday we slept in again and had breakfast in bed...again. I know, we're lazy. We went to the store and bought a pumpkin that morning and then watched football all day. We made a pizza for lunch/dinner and had leftover pumpkin pie (seriously guys...soooo yummy). That night we carved a jack-o-lantern:

Bandit stared at us the whole time begging and trying to sneak bites of pumpkin guts. Gross. He kept running off with a mouthful and I'd have to grab it from him as he tried to slurp the stringy goo into his mouth. Geoff and I roasted the seeds and it will make a great snack to take to work this week!

It was so nice getting to hang out with people down here and enjoy ourselves without having to run home to Maine. Last winter was a really hard one for especially...and I'm hoping that this one will be better.

How was your weekend?


Unknown said...

Nothing in the world makes me feel older than dropping the kids off at school and watching what the girls are wearing. I sound like my Nana- GO HOME and put some clothes on for crying out loud!

Pumpkin looks fantastic.

KG said...

I know all about the girls with no pants on - around here they like to try and pull it off with ugg boots. the whole thing just looks ridiculous.

glad to hear you had a good weekend!

Boots the Awesome said...

Oh Em Gee dude. No one wears pants in London! It's insane.
The worst part, I find myself wanting to join the trend. I mean, who likes pants, right?

Anywho. Who moved to RI?! I miss everyone so much! Sounds like your fall is going well though. :)

Meagan said...

mmm roasted pumpkin seeds are my favorite. i think i have to break down and get a pumpkin!

jules said...

I'm currently obsessed with squash! Mashed up with butter, salt and pepp! I want to make some pumpkin bread at some point too.

I swear I thought I had grown out of being carsick but had a episode on my road trip last month. I felt like I was 8 again! Glad you ended up having a good time though.

kathryn said... maps sucks. You need a Nav if you're gonna be driving around in the rain and the dark.

Go pumpkin pie! I baked one too! (Of course, mine was not from scratch.) Still counts, though.

No pants is just weird. There's NO AGE that can pull that look off, unless you're under 1.

Jen T said...

Zoe Right - Sometimes my mouth literally drops open looking at them. I work at a college and I just think " I used to dress like that???"

KG - Oh my gosh I've missed you! I wasn't sure if you were still around. I completely forgot to mention it, but these girls were wearing uggs too! That just made it so much worse.

Boots - With leggings or dark tights I don't actually mind the trend too much and often wonder if I could pull it off. But with nothing there? Yikes.

Meagan - Do it! It's fun!

jules - Mmmm...pumpkin bread. Car sickness is the worst. I used to get it really bad as a kid, and now just random times as an adult. I can do a three hour car ride usually and be fine. Then a random 20 minute ride leaves me sick to my stomach. Sigh.

Kathryn - I love it when you stop by! I want a GPS so bad. Geoff says that we'll never learn our way around if we have the little computer to direct us. He's so wrong. Pumpkin pie always counts no matter how you make it. And yeah, no pants...not good. Unless you're Hugh Jackman. He doesn't have to wear pants if he doesn't want to.

Unknown said...

Sounds like a pretty fun weekend! :o)

NO PANTS!! Holy crap... well am I ever glad I live in The Great White North where, if people don't wear pants they FREEZE THEIR ASS OFF! And that's what they would deserve too. LOL!

I had a wonderful weekend. I went out with friends on Friday night... lots of drunken debauchery to be had. Spent Saturday and Sunday recovering. hehe...

Here it is Wednesday and I'm just getting around to responding... I'm a slow one. ;o) Perhaps still recovering... lol

Have a wonderful day!

Jen T said...

Picture Imperfect - Sounds like a great weekend indeed! I don't know how girls do it here either...New England isn't exactly warm!

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