Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Apples, raspberries, and football, oh my!

This past weekend was pretty fun. Saturday was our anniversary and we went out to breakfast. I LOVE BREAKFAST. I had french toast, eggs, bacon, home fries, and coffee. Mmmmmm. Geoff had an omlette with pretty much everything in it. We were both happy with the deliciousness. We were pretty lazy for the rest of the day, except for a failed attempt to find the Trader Joe's in Warwick that I keep meaning to visit. We'll try again someday.

That night we went to the pool hall down the street for beer and...pool. The bartender was a complete ditz...as were the little bar maids that walk around in their little plaid skirts. Don't get me wrong, usually they do a good job. But lately there have been a lot of new people and these girls were ridiculous. The beer was delicous but it took FOREVER to get a refill...even though the place was not that crowded. Oh well. We still had fun drinking beer, eating fried ravioli, and playing pool. I actually didn't suck too bad! I've gotten better over the years...I used to miss the cue ball sometimes (don't ask) but now can make even some tricky angled shots!

Sunday after breakfast we went to a local orchard to pick raspberries and apples.

I swear it's too expensive now. Shouldn't these bags of apples be LESS expensive than in the grocery store? I mean I have to pick them myself! We had fun despite the cost, and it was a beautiful day for it too.

(I know the boy needs a haircut and a shave...I'm on it)

We got lots of delicious apples...I love them fresh! So sweet and tangy. Our raspberries are also a nice change for us and very sweet and delicious.
The rest of the day was devoted to football. It's so great to have the NFL season back in full swing! We drank beer and watched the teams. I wish the Pats had played that day, but we got to see them last night anyway. What a stressful game! I was so happy all weekend though. We love playing pool, apple picking was a delightful fall activity, and football is back.

What did you do this weekend? Any football fans out there?


Boots the Awesome said...

Football! Unfortunately, I'm not going to be able to enjoy football as we know it once I move. I love proper American football and I'm afraid I'm going to miss it greatly. :(

Unknown said...

Huge football fan, right here :) Looks like you had a fun weekend. There is really nothing better than spending Sundays curled up on the couch watching football and eating chili or burgers and brats. I'm a happier person during football season.

.:*aMbAr*:. said...

Awww that sounds like so much fun. I've never done that before, picking fruits. Well unless mangoes count.

kathryn said...

It kills me that they charge more for the luxury of picking our own fruit! But the smell of freshly baked apple pie....pure heaven. I am not in the least surprised you've missed a shot or two while playing pool...'tis the beer, dear...not you!

Jen T said...

Boots, this is very sad. Soccor = so not as awesome as football.

*uncorked, I agree. We had mac 'n' cheese casserole and I'm hoping Geoff will make his delicious chili soon!

Ambar, sure mangos count! But apple picking is definitely a good time:)

Kathryn, I wish I could always blame it on the beer...but most of those "missing the cue ball" incidents happened a few years ago before I could legally drink at the pool hall.

jules said...

Aww, he just looks rugged. They don't have to shave on the weekends! Ha ha. I'm going to try to make it to an apple orchard with mine in the next few weeks!