Monday, September 28, 2009

Someday I will be queen.

I had a pretty good weekend. There were a lot of things going on in Providence on Saturday and the weather was nice so Geoff and I headed downtown. First we hit up the 1st Annual Sustainable Living Festival. It was ok, and I'm sure it will get better as the years go on. There were dozens of tables set up in the park all from different non-profits and companies offering information, etc on sustainability. It was a little ironic though as everyone handed out tons of paper pamphlets and fliers...oh well. There was good live music and cool people. Also there were three people dressed in these crazy alien type costumes. They told me when they come back to take over visit Earth that I would be their queen. Sweet.

There was also a street painting festival a few blocks over so we wandered that way.
These people are amazing. There were painters who ranged from age 10 to age 30something and they were all incredible.
Of course, since I can hardly draw a stick figure it doesn't take much to impress me, but still. Really awesome.

We spent about 4 hours downtown wandering back and forth between the two was a good time. When we got home I made no bake cookies AGAIN. Oh my god it's so bad you guys...once I start making them it's so hard to stop.

Sunday I never changed out of my sweatpants. I sat on the couch and switched off between reading A Thousand Splendid Suns and watching football all. day. long. I got a little antsy by the end of the day, but overall it was nice. It was one of those cool, rainy fall days perfect for hiding indoors and watching football. The Patriots looked better this week so that was nice. I made our first Shepard's Pie of the season along with some corn muffins and we were quite content. It was pretty depressing once evening came and I knew the weekend was already over. It never lasts long enough.

You may have noticed that I haven't mentioned running in awhile. That's because I haven't run in over a week. Very bad. I really need to force myself to get back into that whole thing and stick to it. I'm already feeling a bit of the "winter blues" set in and it's only September. Last winter was so hard. It was our first winter in RI and I missed my friends back home so much. We felt trapped inside and couldn't go out much as we were broke as all hell. I hope this year is different. I need to make this year different. You guys will help right? Right? Just an encouraging word every now and then...k?

How was your weekend? Do share the details! Also I will post a recipe tonight. I am trying an enchilada casserole. If it comes out good I will share it...otherwise I'll post something else.


jules said...

Wow! That festival and the art looked amazing!!! I just passed Providence on my first ever trip to Maine last week. Really cool. I'm already getting the winter blues too. Working out outside in the summer is the best. It's almost time for the stuff gym again. Blah!

kathryn said...

Loved the festival artwork. As for the running?

Um. Go? Faster?

Oh, c'mon....

You won't get bored this've got all of US!

Debbie said...

Sounds like you had an amazing weekend. Part fun, part relaxation. Those are the best kinds. Don't worry about the running stuff. You'll be ok. I was sick and away from the gym for a week, but I'll slowly get there again. We can encourage each other!

Meg said...

that street art festival looks so cool! i would love to see that. we have a similar kind of thing where I live, "art city", and it's just about art in unusual places. but there is a guy who does chalk drawings on the sidewalk, and they are always so amazing. oh how i wish i could draw.

Jen T said...

jules - That's funny you passed through here on your way to Maine...I'm from Maine and just moved down here a year ago!

Kathryn - True, I do have all of you...good thing you're so entertaining!

Debbie - Sounds good to me, thanks!

Meg - Me too! If only I had even an ounce of artistic talent.

Courtney said...

Pretty chalk drawings! I want to do that!! Festival atmospheres are great.

And speaking of football.. You're lucky your team is winning. But Psh New England sports! Go Pittsburgh! But Steelers have the same record as the Lions right now.. weird, sad, tragic.

Jen T said...

Courtney - Oh, New England sports are where it's at! You can't find fans like these anywhere else. Pats? Red Sox? Gotta love 'em.