Tuesday, September 8, 2009

How is it that even long weekends go by too fast?

I had a great time during Diane's (Geoff's mom) visit. She arrived Friday night with peanuts and a bottle of wine (LOVE!) just as I was pulling the pizza out of the oven. We sat around the table laughing, drinking, and eating. It was delightful. The next morning I made blueberry muffins (fresh blueberries!) while Geoff made eggs and homefries (with the potatoes picked from our garden!). It was DELICIOUS. Then we all relaxed on the sunny porch with our coffees for a good part of the morning.

Once we got the urge to move, we went to Benny's so that Di could get a gift for Geoff's niece's birthday party. They had these great wagons there that she wanted to grab...lift up seats for storage and seat belts! She also bought me a pie plate (my other disappeared during the holiday season last year) and a rolling pin! No more using wine bottles to roll out dough! I'm ecstatic.

When we returned home, Geoff put together the wagon and I made the coconut custard pie that I mentioned in my last post. We all drooled over the smells from the kitchen until it was finally time to eat. Later, we went to the pool hall down the road for a beer and then headed to Waterfire since Diane had never been. We had a great time there as well and enjoyed some wine while watching a jazz band. Di got some good pictures of the fires to show people back home.

Sunday morning Di had to leave by 10:30 to make it to Madison's 2nd birthday party back in Maine. We had leftover blueberry muffins and omelettes made with cherry tomatoes from the garden...YUM! We like food around here...can you tell?

After she left, I went for a run. I'm proud of myself for keeping it up this long. I know, it's only week one but this is me and running we're talking about here so making it a whole week is a freaking miracle. It was pretty hard this time as I'd taken both Friday and Saturday off, but I did it. I just wish my neighborhood wasn't so hilly!

We spent the rest of the day reading, relaxing, and being lazy. Same with Monday. Though we did go "biking for booze" Monday evening, haha. We wanted to get more wine and go for a bike ride, so we biked about 3 miles to a liquor store then stopped at a neighborhood bar on the way home for a rest beer. Upon arriving home Geoff made some TASTY burgers (love you worcestershire sauce!) and we cracked open the wine.

It was a glorious weekend and I wish I could go back and relive it as today has been pretty annoying. I have a serious case of the Mondays (yes I know it's Tuesday) and I'm already looking forward to another weekend.

How did you spend your long weekend?


KG said...

I started running this week too! I've only gone yesterday and today though, so it doesn't really count as a routine yet - but getting there!!!

I didn't have Monday off but I think it was nice to get back into the routine and start getting things done. This weekend will hopefully make up for last weekend's amount of suckage - my Hokies play at home which means tailgating and craziness, and I have 2 friends with birthdays this weekend so there will be craziness with that as well.

Jen T said...

Good job on the running! I actually had a really bad run yesterday...just wasn't in the mood and was really sore...but I know it will get better again!

Sounds like a full, fun weekend ahead. Have a great time!