Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dancing the night away! (but I forgot the socks)

My apologies, loyal readers, for being MIA so much this week. I'm still tired and trying to catch up at work from this past weekend.

Speaking of this past was great! We drove up to Maine on Thursday night and stayed with Geoff's mom. When we arrived I made some no bake cookies and they came out DELICOUS. We all agreed they were a perfect snack for 11pm. The next day we didn't do much at all, just relaxed at the condo. Geoff and I went out to Gritty's, a local Portland bar that brews it's own yummy beer, for a couple of drinks that night.

Saturday morning Geoff's dad came to Portland to pick up Bandit. He was our designated dog-sitter for the wedding portion of the weekend. I was a little sad and's silly, but we've only spent a handful of nights away from the little guy in his 3 years with us. As I was getting ready for the hotel I kept thinking I'd see him out of the corner of my eye, but it was just a pillow or a heating pad...sigh. He had a blast though, running around with Tia (Geoff's dad's dog) off leash as they were in the middle of no where. He slept the whole way back to RI on Sunday because he was so worn out! It was fabulous.

Back to Saturday. We departed for Sunday River, a ski resort area about 2 hours north of Portland, around noon. The wedding was at a hotel that we were all staying at up there. The wedding was at 4pm so after arriving and checking in we started getting ready. By getting ready I mean sat around watching cable (we don't have that at home!), eating crackers, and drinking beer. But around 3:30 we started getting ready. That's about the time that Geoff scolded me for forgetting his black socks. I brought them to Portland but forgot them at his mom's condo. I'm sorry...shouldn't a 29 year old man be able to remember his own socks? Didn't he wear socks before we got together? No? Ok...I'll try harder next time.

The wedding was VERY fast which I loved. The weather was beautiful. Low 60s but sunny...great fall weather! The reception was SO. MUCH. FUN. We drank a lot but didn't have to pay for a thing all night. The bride and groom had paid for a keg and 12 bottles of wine at the bar, and there were 2 more kegs back in one of our friend's hotel rooms. Sweet! It was amazing seeing everyone...I MISS OUR FRIENDS! We danced (and sang) the night away with them all and I can't even explain how wonderful it felt to be with our lovely people again, if only for one night. Alas, I left my camera in my purse most of the night, so you'll have to wait until I can steal some pics from some of my more camera happy friends before I can share them with you.

There was a bit of an after party in the "keg suite" after the reception...but it wasn't much of one. Everyone was too drunk by then and there was this girl there (a semi-new girlfriend of one of the guys) that no one can really stand. She is an attention whore (literally) and spent that part of the evening asking the guys if they wanted to see her boobs, flashing one of our married guy friends, sitting on another guys lap while his girlfriend was across the table, and massaging Geoff's head. We just ignored her crazy antics, and Geoff and I eventually went to bed at about 3something in the morning.

Needless to say, the drive on Sunday was miserable. I was hungover and carsick...blah. I took a nap at Geoff's mom's and awoke just in time to watch the second half of the Patriots game. WTH Pats?!?!? I hardly recognize you anymore. :-(

The drive back to RI was better and we were happy to be home, though we already missed our friends. I can't wait to see them again, but until then the memories of this weekend will keep me happy.


Meagan said...

OMG!!! That girl would have got a serious talking to in our group of friends. We would definitely not be ok with boob flashing and lap sitting! I guess props for not telling her off.

Jen T said...

Oh trust me...we are not ok with it. Unfortunately she's here to stay for awhile because the guy loves her. We keep our mouths shut (in their prescence) out of respect to him.

JP said...

There is nothing worse than a long wedding. Seriously I don't get why people have 2 hours high-mass weddings. Excuse me, but I'm not of your faith, I don't need to have communion during your wedding.

Have a couple of readings about how sacred marriage is, tell each other how much you love each other and will cherish each other and then kiss and let's go have some cake.

Best wedding (aside from my own, obligatorily) was one between an Irish Catholic and a Jew. Man that was short and sweet and perfect. The reception on the other hand was a riot (almost literally).