Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Brawling Baby Ball Players

While reading the latest post over at Zoe Rights, I was reminded of an article I read recently in the local paper, The Valley Breeze. The title of the article, "Babe Ruth Season Ends in Controversy", doesn't do the story justice. Basically a bunch of 13-15 year old ball players and their parents turn a fun, end of the year championship game into a near all out brawl normally saved only for the major leagues. Here are some of the highlights:

The incident, which saw moms and dads scurry onto the field to physically restrain some players,
broke out during ninth inning of the winner-take-all championship game between Barone's Construction
and Angelo's Hair Salon.

Garceau protested the play to the umpire, maintaining that the batter had stepped across the plate.
The umpire ruled differently, and when Garceau persisted, he was tossed from the game.

That drew a strong protest from his players, several of whom left the dugout and began shouting.

Almost simultaneously, one Barone's player charged the Angelo's dugout in an apparent attempt
to reach an opposing player, and both benches emptied. A coach restrained the player, and other
players were contained by parents and other coaches.

The umpiring crew tossed the player who charged the dugout, and when the matter did not quell
immediately, ended the game and awarded a forfeit win to Angelo's...But some parents were still
upset and began shouting at the other side, prompting someone to call police. Police responded
and the problem disappeared, and so did the season.

I mean what's baseball without a little drama and fighting, right? The full article can be read here.

I don't remember too many instances of such dramatics back when I played softball. Most of the parents and kids were pretty well behaved. I do remember one time when the opposing team's coach (his name was Tux and he was a grade-A asshole) made the female ump cry. After the game my mom (who has a lot of sarcasm and attitude in her little 5'4" body) made a comment about what a jerk Tux was. His daughter, who was a grade ahead of me and more popular I might add, overheard and stormed over to us. "Don't talk about my dad like that you, b****!" I was too embarrassed to speak. My younger brother, Bobby, who was ten at the time, didn't care and took action.

"Don't talk to my mom that way!"

It went on from there, but I slowly skulked away and hid in the car. Hey, I was 13 at the time and easily embarrassed! Today it's hard to say whether I would have informed all of them of how ridiculous and rude they were being or if I'd join in...depends on what day you catch me!

Do any of you have interesting stories from your days of childhood sports or extracurriculars?


Unknown said...

It's crazy out there or maybe it's just my town...maybe they need a hobby or something. A quiet hobby, played alone.

Thanks for the props!

Debbie said...

Growing up I never knew what was worse. Playing in sports where your parents never showed up for you, or having them show up and get thrown out of the park. I've experienced both sides unfortunately.