Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday Fill-Ins and randomness

1. That's a horrible, ignorant, and insensitive way to be.

2. Sometimes I feel ignored...and like someone else gets a lot more attention; I'm over here!

3. The possibilities include: staying at my job and taking classes for free, quitting my job and finding one I actually find fulfilling, saying screw it to jobs and going on a cross country road trip...with no money.

4. Mac'n'cheese casserole is one of my favorite cool day recipes.

5. How will you know how much our family needs and loves you when we don't know how to tell you and can't be there for you enough?

6. One of the most beautiful things is the combination of a sunset and a stormy sky.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to making pizza and relaxing, tomorrow my plans include going out to breakfast and out for drinks for our anniversary and Sunday, I want to go apple picking, make apple zucchini muffins, and sit on the porch drinking coffee!

Wow...that was a hard one!

So the weather here is cold and sad. I love fall, but I really am not ready to let go of summer yet. With the 2 months of rain we had, it didn't feel like we had a summer at all. Now it feels like time for sweaters, warm socks, and comfort food. Geoff and I are planning on going apple picking this weekend if the rain lets up. Then I can do some baking and we'll have nice healthy snacks for the week too.

I'm really looking forward to the weekend. Even though this was a short work week, I really need a break again. Nothing like wine, books, coffee, and rest to make me happy again!

Yesterday's run SUCKED! It was partly a mental thing. For all of my other runs I've been all pumped up and looking forward to them. This time I had to force myself to go and I really wasn't in the mood. My breathing felt off and my leg muscles HURT. My calves kept tensing up and then I got a cramp in my foot. Also, the weather was cloudy and cold. I did the whole work-out though so I guess that says something. I know sometimes people just have bad runs, so I'm not giving up. It will get better again! I'm giving myself the next two days off though. It's no fun running in the rain anyway.

What are your plans for the weekend? Are you ready for fall or still grasping on to the final bits of summer?


Courtney said...

Do you run alot? I try to run at least a mile everyday but lately I've gotten bored with it though I like how I feel after wards.. ever feel like that?

Jen T said...

I am actually just beginning to run and this is my second week. I am only running 3x a week and run/walk about 2-3 miles each time. I'm hoping to get so that I can do it more often and farther...just getting started though!

kathryn said...

I'm totally not ready for the change of seasons...but evidently, Mother Nature does not care. It's been windy and raining sideways all feels like one of those blustery Nov days when the wind/rain knocks all the leaves off the trees. They're holding on for dear life.
And it's freakin' cold!!

Anonymous said...

Hey it's Kat. I like your blog and I misssss you!!!

Jen T said...

Kat! Thanks I miss you too! Visit RI!