Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What has been keeping me up at night

For the past week or so I have been unable to fall asleep at a reasonable hour. This is actually pretty normal for me, I rarely get a good night's sleep. Lately, however, instead of the normal tossing and turning and glaring at Geoff as he snores away, I have been kept awake by The Kitchen God's Wife.

No, there is no spirit of any sort keeping me awake. It's a book! A wonderful book!

I remember how I had enjoyed Amy Tan's the Joy Luck Club back in high school, so I tried another of her novels and was not disappointed. Most of this book is about a 70-something year old mother telling her daughter all of the secrets of her past. She was born and raised in China and the story follows her life from childhood through her mid-twenties which includes WWII and the beginnings of Communism in her home country. Her personal struggles with her mother, family, and evil first husband match the turbulance of China during that time.

It starts out slow for the first couple of chapters, but then it becomes a page turner and I highly recommend this to all of you women out there! What about you, what's keeping you up at night?


Courtney said...

Oh! I liked the Joy Luck Club too.. maybe I should find some time to read more :)

Boots the Awesome said...

What's keeping me up? The sound of my housemates having sex. Aren't you glad you asked?


Jen T said...

Courtney, it! I just recently started finding the time to read for pleasure again and I love it.

Alex, that sucks.:)