Monday, August 17, 2009


As you know, Geoff and I returned to Maine Thursday night for another long weekend. It was glorious, and I'm very angry with myself for not taking any pictures. I remembered to pack the camera...but it never left the suitcase:(

We stayed at Geoff's mom's (Diane) again and it was nice, but not as nice as it could have been. His uncle Mike is staying with her this month and he is a TALKER. Very conspiracy theory, always talking about how useless humanity and the government are, etc. Don't get me wrong. He engages you in very interesting conversations...but that's ALL he talks about and the conversations NEVER end. So if you're tired, or in a hurry, or just not in the's annoying. Also annoying was that he had the guest room and we had to sleep in the living room. That guy gets up EARLY and Diane gets up a lot in the night so there was very disrupted sleep. It was nice to have a place to stay though!

Every morning we lounged around the condo drinking coffee, making breakfast, and chatting with Di and Mike. Friday we headed down to Old Orchard Beach where my dad was staying in a hotel on the ocean. This was our first ocean/beach trip of the summer and it was wonderful! Laying on a blanket reading a book, listening to the waves, soaking up the sun, and eating onion rings from the snack shack...awesome. Strangely enough, the water, which is usually ICE COLD as in MAJOR PAIN UNTIL YOUR BODY GOES NUMB was pretty warm, like lake water! Geoff and I spent a good amount of time jumping waves and swimming. That evening Dad took us to the Clambake restaurant for seafood and beers. Geoff and I shared the Fisherman's Platter which is haddock, clams, shrimp, and scallops all fried. Yummy! That night we headed to a friend's house for beers and chit-chat...also nice.

Saturday was Tara's wedding. It was on the beach at Sebago Lake and it. Was. So. Hot. Both the ceremony and the reception were outside and it was about 90 degrees. Ugh. Still fun though and Geoff and I stopped at a lake on the way home for a swim. That felt soooo goood. Saturday night was more beers with friends.

Sunday we just hung out until it was time to hit the road, then stopped at a spot on the Saco River for more swimming. Bandit liked this...except that there were other dogs there and he kept barking at them. He's about 15 pounds and was yapping at pit bulls and labs. Not the brightest pooch sometimes. We call him Joe Pesci because he's small with a huge attitude. No fear (except of cats). He sees a big dog and is all "You talkin' to me??? What you think I'm funny??"

All in all it was a great weekend with friends, family, and more swimming than we've done all summer. I've been dreaming of laying on the beach at the ocean ever since...

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Allison said...

So pretty. You don't need any photos..just this beach shot.