Monday, August 3, 2009

Huffing and Puffing

Geoff and I went on a bike ride on Sunday. It was a great time.

Now, Geoff rides his bike to and from work almost every single day. We only have one car, and he works closer to home than I do. Also, I'm way to lazy. And I work in an office where I'm supposed to look professional and not all sweaty. Anyway, depending on the time of year he bikes 10-20 miles a day. Yeah, he's the man.

Until this past fall, I had not been on a bike since I was a kid. There are some AMAZING bike paths here in RI, and once we moved down here I got me an old used bike that Geoff fixed up and started to ride with him sometimes. I love it. But, I'm a baby. While we did some good rides this spring/early summer, I haven't been on it since June what with all the rain and humidity. I mean, biking in the rain is no good because ah! Puddles and stupid drivers and slipperyness! Even Geoff backs me up on that one. And humidity? Ew. Ready to die after two miles. Also, I hate running and most other forms of exercise so I am OUT OF SHAPE. Very.

So, Geoff and I biked downtown yesterday. It was a really nice ride. We went one way to get there and a different way back. I was great on the way there. We got a doughboy at the mall then headed home. Right off the bat was a HUGE, STEEP hill. I was all whatevs, I got this. I passed Geoff then almost to the top almost passed out from the effort, haha. I was all huffy and puffy for the next couple of minutes. I recovered just in time for the SECOND big hill, gah! From there it was mostly downhill until the end which we walked. Because it had gotten quite humid by then and I'm a baby. But we were both sweaty and tired.

Good times though. I've got to start taking my bike out more often so I can stay in shape! I'm like an 80 year old fat guy! Well, I don't LOOK like one, but I FEEL like one during a good workout. Yeah.


Boots the Awesome said...

You should just get a bicycle rickshaw. Then someone is doing the work for you, but you can say you went for a bike ride. :)

Jen T said...

You, my friend, are a genius. I should start training Bandit. He'll need to put on some pounds though.

KG said...

I am bringing a bike back to school this year and I can't wait! Mainly because I'm lazy and it takes less time to get across campus on a bike than walking which means I'll be able to sleep in an extra 5-10 minutes.

My grandmother bought a bike brand new a few years ago (why my 75 year old, 5 foot, 180 pound grandmother would buy a bike, i have no idea). Her first time getting on it she somehow broke her foot (another thing that makes no sense). Anyways, she is giving me her bike so it will actually get some use :)

Jen T said...

KG, that IS exciting! Mostly the part about being able to sleep in more, haha.

.:*aMbAr*:. said...

LOL!! My bf bought bikes (two) a while ago. If we've been on them twice in the months we've had them, I'm probably exaggerating!! So, I feel ya!