Thursday, August 20, 2009

How I ended up on the side of the road in my bathing suit for 9 hours or How Lake Champlain stole from me Part I

Every summer Geoff and I go to Vermont for the Vermont Brewer's Festival. Last year started out great as always, but ended on a very sad note.

On our last day in Burlington, Sunday, we decided to go to Red Rocks Park for a swim in Lake Champlain. While there is a beach there, farther along in the park are these huge cliffs you can jump off of into the water.

Stole this pic from the internet

I won't lie...I'm too much of a baby to jump from one of the high ones. Geoff will usually climb down to a lower rock with me and we'll leave our keys, clothes, etc on the rock while we swim. On this particular day we had no clothes...just our bathing suits, towels, and keys. The part where we were swimming was VERY deep. It was such a lovely day that I suggested, "Let's grab our keys and towels and swim all the way over to the beach!" This was a very long swim, but Geoff was game. He hung the key ring so it dangled from his sunglasses and we swam with the towels, not caring if they got soaked.

About halfway into the swim I said, "Give me your sunglasses. I'll hold them so you can swim under water for a bit." Geoff happily obliged, and handed me his sunglasses. As he went under I had a MAJOR BLONDE MOMENT and put the sunglasses on my head so that the keys FELL OFF and into the water. "Plop!" I was in such disbelief that I didn't react at all for a few seconds. Then I went into full panic mode and starting grabbing for the keys with one hand while still clinging to the towel with the other. WHY OH WHY DIDN'T I LET GO OF THAT STUPID TOWEL??? I never claimed to be at all useful in a panic situation. I tried to grab the keys until it was too late. They had sunk out of sight. All of this happened in under a minute. Geoff popped up from underwater looking refreshed and happy. Until he looked at me and my sad, sorry face. "What??" he asked.

"I...the keys...I dropped them."

"Oh babe, you didn't."

"I'm sorry!"

He swam under water trying to reach for the bottom. It was no use. It was too deep. The keys were gone.


Debbie said...

Ohhhh! How horrible!!

CLR said...

that sounds like something i'd do.. maybe it wasn't just a blonde moment.

Boots the Awesome said...

Oh NO!! Look on the bright least you were skinny dipping...

Boots the Awesome said...

and by "were" i meant "weren't"

and there's my fail for today.

Jen T said...

You're right Christy...must be the Higgins blood!

Haha, Alex. Yes, I guess things could have been worse!