Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Back in RI

Hello readers! Did you miss me? I missed you too!

Geoff and I left for Maine Thursday night and returned to RI last night. All in all it was a good trip, though it wasn't all that I expected. Thursday night we hit traffic, because it's summer and of course we need to close 3 of 4 lanes on I-95 for construction. We finally reached Portland at about 11pm and arrived at Geoff's mom's condo where we stayed for most of the weekend. She works nights so we had the place to ourselves. This meant opening a bottle of wine and being drunk and silly and watching all of the late night shows that we are NEVER awake to see. Jimmy Fallon is on NBC now? Yeah...we're in our twenties and go to bed in the nines...so what?

After finally going to bed at 2am, we slept in on Friday. It was awesome! We did pancakes for breakfast then visited with Geoff's mom, Diane before heading to Gray where his aunt has a camp on Little Sebago Lake. We had planned on having fun in the sun and doing some swimming but it was cold and windy by the time we got there so there was none of that. Instead we had fun visiting, chatting, and eating with family.

Saturday we did not go hiking OR camping really as we could not agree on a place to go, were too lazy to get moving early, and I wasn't feeling too well. We did find a nice spot at Steep Falls on the Saco River to swim and drink some beers with no one else in sight but us and our dog. We then headed to Hollis to camp in Geoff's dad's backyard. We had to be there Sunday for his little brother's birthday party anyway...so why not? We arrived to find a strange car in the driveway and placed bets on how old/what the name of the probable new girlfriend would be. She was nice but I'm sure next time we visit there will be someone else to meet so I won't get too attached.

That night was fun. Geoff's dad is a good host and a great cook so we had margaritas, steamers, chicken, and steak aplenty. The next day was filled with the craziness of the birthday party, and while it was good to see grandparents, brothers, and nieces I was so ready to leave by the time we finally did. We hung out at Diane's Sunday night and Monday morning, then headed to my grandmother's for the afternoon. My mom had the day off so I got to see her, Grammie, and Grady and go swimming in the pool. I also enjoyed the delicious greasiness of Cole Farms hamburgers and onion rings before making the trek back to RI.

Thursday night we are heading up again for a three day weekend and Tara's wedding. She's one of my best friends from high school. That weekend will be more about friends than family as I think we got pretty family-d out this past week.

How was your weekend?


CLR said...

So glad you're back! I am so jealous of your greasy cole farms burger and rings. I love their pizza burger and of course the rings.
We went camping this weekend.. you guys should try it with 7 kids! woo hoo!

Jen T said...

Hmmm, I've never tried the pizza burger. I will have to next time.

Thanks but no thanks on camping with 7 kids...too adventurous for me! Though I'm sure they're lots of fun at the same time:)

Courtney said...

Holy shit. I stumbled on your blog at 20sb. I was actually canoeing/drinking/camping on Saco all weekend also. What a small world!

Jen T said...

Wow, that is crazy...because our friends do an annual boozing, canoe trip down the Saco and it was this weekend. We were supposed to go too (we usually do), but had to back out at the last minute for money and family reasons.

Courtney said...

Wow super crazy! We probably ran into your friends or had a drink with them at some point.. haha love it!