Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Weekend with mom

So this past weekend, Geoff went to a bachelor party in Atlantic City. As far as I can tell he had a great time. Since I don't really know many people here in RI, I was desperate to plan some visitors for myself that weekend. While the original plan was to have some girl friends down for a wild night on the town (because I'm so wild) I decided to have my mom come down instead. Now even though I moved down here almost a year ago, AND even though I'm less than three hours from her...she had not yet been down to visit (feel guilty yet mom?). We had a great time!

She arrived Friday night and we stayed up until midnight relaxing and talking. Very nice. The next morning we relaxed on the front porch with our coffees, then made scrambled eggs and english muffins for breakfast (NOTE: much of this post revolves around food...go figure). We then left the apartment to stroll the East Side of Providence. It's a cute little area of town and we had fun poking around the quirky little shops and ended up grabbing lunch at this little creperie that I keep meaning to go to. While my mom was good and had a wheat chicken ceasar wrap...I was bad and had a chocolate chip and banana crepe. Did I regret it? Hell no! Delish.

We then headed downtown where I showed her the GINORMOUS mall. It's about 4-6x the size of the one back home. Too bad I'm too broke to take advantage! After dizzying ourselves on the many escalators we headed back home and almost met certain death in the 15 minute drive. We ended up driving behind a shabby, unmarked moving truck with a car in the back of it. The back door to the truck was open, and the car did not appear to be restrained in any way. As we drove uphill behind the truck trash kept falling out in front of us and the car was bouncing and shaking inside the truck. We nervously laughed and joked about what might happen if the car were to fly out at us...but I'm pretty sure both of us were relatively sure these were our last moments. Thankfully, we survived ghetto truck and made it home to while away the afternoon reading on the porch. That night, we went to a local bar for some beers, the game, and fried food. Oh I was so bad this weekend...what's healthy food again? But I couldn't help it. Because fried calamari? Sooooo goooood. Then we headed home again for more talking until midnight.

Sunday we went out to breakfast then headed downtown again to see more of the city. We did the river walk, then hit up Westminster street...which was less than amazing as most of Providence is apparently CLOSED on Sundays. Lame. Still a nice walk though! We then took a nice drive to the country, then headed back home where I made a coconut pie before she left. I'll post the recipe for the pie came out more like a coconut custurd pie so I'm going to try some different variations first. Still yummy though!

Thanks for a great weekend mom!

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