Thursday, July 30, 2009

How do I still not have one of these?

Oh my god. I heard about this device months ago from not that you asked, and knew right then that I had to get me one of these.

Ladies, let me introduce you to the GoGirl.

What exactly is a GoGirl? It's a lovely silicon device that you can use to PEE STANDING UP. Yes, that's right. Why would you ever want one of these you ask? Well I can think of SEVERAL situations that I have been in during the past couple of years where I would have almost killed for a GoGirl. Well, maybe not that drastic, but still. For example, Geoff and I LOVE camping and I'm not talking about some comfy campground with actual bathrooms. No. I'm talking about middle of nowhere, deep woods of Vermont, no building or other people around for miles camping. This is all well and fine until it's time to pee. I HATE squatting. And depending on the terrain (I'm about to get a little graphic you may want to skip ahead) there can be some serious splatter and then I have pee on my shoes or even my pants. So hot. But with a GoGirl? I'll have better aim and less splash!

How about bar bathrooms ladies? Or most gross public bathrooms/porta-potties for that matter. Again, no more hovering over the seat and hoping for the best while your leg muscles get sore or your drunk self is swaying. GOGIRL! Its small and comes in a nice transportable carton that fits in your purse! Amazing right?

Road trips? Geoff and I were stuck in terrible traffic once and I HAD TO GO RIGHT THEN OH MY GOD IT CAN'T WAIT. I had to run from the car to some sparsely wooded empty parking lot with nothing to balance on and I can't quite explain the circumstances but I could hardly pee and I got some on my pant leg (what is wrong with me???). If I had a GoGirl? Life would have been so much better. And cleaner.

Got kids that you don't want sitting on public toilets? GoGirl. Are you a skier who doesn't want to leave the slopes to pee? GoGirl. Ever wanted to try to write your name in the snow like one of the guys? That's right. GoGirl.

I am so buying myself one (or more!) of these. Laugh if you want, but I'm pretty sure it'll revolutionize the way I live. You know you want one too.


Boots the Awesome said...

Hahahaha! Think about it this way have to carry one around with you in order to take advantage of it in, say, gross-bar-bathroom situations. Then, once you use it, you're still carrying it around! Yum!

Monique said...

As soon as I saw and read about this, I figured it might be something you would like for your camping trips!

Cydney said...

Thanks for the love, Jen! You have got the idea down to a science! I think we made GoGirl for you!

As for Petrop- If you don't have somewhere you feel comfortable rinsing out your GoGirl when you're done using it, just give it a shake (because it's made of medical-grade silicone liquid just beads off of it anyways) and then put it in the sealable bag that comes with the product. Then, because medical grade silicone is so flexible, just fold the bag in half and put it in your back pocket until you are somewhere you feel comfortable washing it out- either your campsite, home, etc.

Let us know if you have any more questions! or Twitter:



Cydney said...

Oh, and in honor of our presence at the BlogHer conference last weekend, we're doing a special discount code. Use promo code 'BLOGHER09' at checkout on to recieve $2 off your order. It expires August 1st!

Enjoy :)

Jen T said...

Wow, the GoGirls found me! Thanks for the discount code!

Anonymous said...

You're my hero.

Unknown said...

Holy freaking heck! I do not know who invented this but they are a genius!