Friday, July 24, 2009


I have two younger brothers, Bobby and Grady. Bobby is 20, TALL, and a Marine. Grady is 13, getting tall, and your typical teenage, disinterested in anything but hunting/fishing/dirtbikes, boy. We don't see each other very often, nor do we talk on the phone much. This isn't for lack of love or trying on my part. Bobby is stationed anywhere from NC to Afghanistan and Grady is always too busy with friends to have time for his older sister. Talking on the phone is useless because all I get is "Yup, uh-huh, fine, ok...LOVE YOU I'M BUSY BYYYEEE." Sigh, boys.

Anyway, when I went home to Maine for the 4th of July weekend we miraculously all ended up at the same place at the same time for OMG almost a whole hour. My mother of course, demanded pictures.

While the boys were resistant, things started out well.

Of course, Grady refused to move so we all had to sit on him.

Still, everything was going well until Grammie tried to join the fun.

We got her to settle down though.

Geoff even stepped in front of the camera for a brave.
And things fall apart.
All in all it was a very nice visit with my boys, my mom, and Grammie. Hopefully mom will remember this before she tries to set up any future family photo shoots.


CLR said...

Jake and I love these pictures. Grammie looks good and Jen you are beautiful. It's good seeing Bobby and Grady as well. Grady has changed a lot since we saw you guys a few summers ago.

Jen T said...

Aw, thanks Christie! Yes, Grady has changed a lot even since I saw him at Christmas! I think he grew a whole foot in six months...he's as tall as I am now.

KG said...

Hahaha I love your Grammie, she looks so fun.

My brother was deployed to Iraq from June 07-April 08; it makes me so glad to know your brother made it home safe and sound. The who deployment mess is no fun, but it definitely makes me appreciate my brother even more now that he's home!!